It’s not everyday you get your work featured in an advert for a major vehicle manufacturer, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the latest Purple 17 buses for Reading Buses featured in one such ad for Scania recently.

I was¬†Best Impressions‘ key designer on the project, leading the creation of the colourful and distinctive ‘orbit’ livery adorning the new look¬†Reading Buses vehicles. The livery is intended as the successor to the well known swoosh adorning most of the current fleet, and ties the various different coloured buses together with one unifying multi-coloured device.

Reading is well known for spearheading innovative new bus technology, and Purple 17 runs on Scania’s cutting-edge gas-powered chassis, so naturally they wanted to show it off. I simply love the shot, and I’d like to think the livery helps sell it too!

Scania Bus and Coach Advert

Thanks to Tanya at Scania for sending through the ad.

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